Mattress Pads and Toppers


100% natural, washable wool filled mattress topper, 1.5in thick.

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  • With1.5″space of 100% launderable fleece and common cotton percale, myTopper makes a comfortable home for any bedding.
  • Ideal for all year comfort.
  • Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Goes on for a long time with appropriate consideration.
  • The clincher’s Shropshire fleece is portrayed as having the exquisite down-type filaments that are additionally demonstrated to make a rich surface whereupon to calmly settle.
  • Alleviation from the distress coming about because of weight on delicate regions on the outside of the body is an oftentimes found extravagance guaranteeing a sound and loosening up rest.
  • The rest condition stays dry, without a cool or moist inclination. Throwing or turning, subsequently, won’t happen to hinder valuable rest.
  • Fleece has appeared to out-perform different strands utilized for bedding.


1.5″ thick.

Machine launderable.

Loaded up with 100% launderable fleece.

Encased in 100% regular cotton percale, 270 TC.

Comes in eco-accommodating and reusable bundling.

long term maker guarantee.

Understanding the Fragrance of Fleece

The sweet smell of fleece guarantees you are getting the valid and unadulterated fleece filled item, liberated from hurtful synthetic substances, poisons and artificial materials. Fleece fragrance is engaging the faculties and initiates a casual, sound and encouraging rest condition. It will scatter inside not many days subsequent to opening.

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