How to Solve Common Sleeping Problems

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Part I


the information provided in this article are not to be mistaken with medical advice. If you suffer from any sleeping problems, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional doctor in order to avoid and further complications.


No matter how much we talk about the necessity of sleeping, we cannot assert its importance and how crucial it is when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a peaceful state of mind, and a sickness-free body. Although there are thousands and maybe millions of videos and blogs that revolve around the necessity of a good night sleep, it is important to keep in mind that life can be unpredictable sometimes, and it can push us to digress of our natural path and burn that night oil either intentionally or unintentionally.

Hi and welcome back to another article of Sleeping Problems on Sleeping Night. In this article, we will discuss the most common ways to solve most sleeping problems and talk about a number of practices that you should maintain in order to have a healthy sleep program.

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With that being said, let’s get right into to the core of today’s blog post:

1. Activity:

Many people around the world hold that misconception that when someone’s mind is clear, he/she’ll eventually have a longer and more fulfilling sleep. Not only this, but the same people who claim that sleep is all about mental health try to assert their claims by referring to “certain” individuals who sleep well because they have no “significant” issues to deal with.

Although mental health has indeed a significant impact on sleep quality and duration, one should always bear in mind that it is not the defining factor. In fact, there is an even more important factor that affects sleep quality, which in certain cases, if not taken into consideration, might cause a sleep disorder even if you have the clearest mind on earth.

You need to understand that that it is part of our nature to get into a state of activity between sleep shifts. A state of activity can be anything from sitting on a chair and typing on a keyboard, to lifting and moving boxes. Not only this state of activity allows you to enjoy sleep even more, but it also pushes your body and your mind to crave sleeping because it simply needs rest in order to recover and get ready for the next day.

More importantly, those who do not get into a state of activity during the day may mislead their brain that they do not need rest, and as a result, may affect their sleeping routine and suffer from sleeping disorders. Sleep is important, and to preserve it and enjoy it even more, getting into a state of activity no matter how small it might be is indeed crucial.

2. State of Mind

Although there’s a number of people who believe that state of mind is not that important when it comes to sleeping, this does not mean by any means that it does not affect our sleep.

In fact, state of mind may directly affect sleep if not taken well care of. What’s even worse is that if not well preserved, some mental illnesses may come into existence which can affect your sleep in both the short and the long run.

For instance, certain individuals may experience some disturbing events during the day which influence their mind. For instance, if someone falls in the trap of debt and find themselves unable to repay it, they might experience nightmares during the night which not only blocks them from having a more fulfilling sleep in the short run, but in case the nightmares reoccur more frequently, those individuals may develop other mental illnesses that would deprive them completely from sleep unless they take certain medicines.

This is why in order to allow yourself to have a sufficient amount of sleep, you need to take care of your mental wellbeing since it not only affects the way you think and perceive the world around you, but it also determines your sleep quality from two sides. First, when you overthink things during the day, you’ll brain will get tired not only because of the amount of thinking, but also because no solutions were found and this pushes it to seek rest at night which is already affected by nightmares or lack of sleep if you are one of those people who tend to overthink things at night.

3. Bed

In case you didn’t know, a lot of people never take care of their beds. In fact, some people don’t even change their pillows for years, let alone bed sheets and covers. This does not only turn their bed into maybe the most uncomfortable place on earth, but it can also lead to some serious skin diseases or even respiratory ones.

Your bed is meant to be the place where your body and mind can get into a state of relaxation in order to recover and get ready for the next day. This is why if you do not take well care of your bed, sleeping problems will eventually emerge.

For instance, if you do not constantly change your pillows, they might become uncomfortable, and as a result, you might spend hours flipping your pillow while looking for a comfortable spot to put your head on.

Additionally, if you do not change your bed sheets and covers frequently, they may get dirty because of the skin residues, and this may get to the point where your bed may start attracting some micro insects. And trust me, the last thing that you may want in your bed is some micro bugs biting you when you’re seconds away from falling asleep and start dreaming.

More importantly, you should always keep in mind that your bed is not a dining table. Although it is extremely tempting to grab a bag of chips, some pizza slices, a can of Coke, and some ice cream while watching a Peaky Blinders episode on Netflix, having to clean your bed at the end might be a bit disturbing especially if you end up spilling some soda by mistake on it.

This is why you should make of your bed a place of relaxation only, where the only that you can do on it is sleeping or laying on your back. Always remember: your bed is not meant for thinking, planning, or even studying. People only sleep on their beds, otherwise we would have been studying on beds rather on desk at school.


From the above-mentioned points, it seems fair to state that solving common sleeping problem is not that hard, and with this extra edge of knowledge, you can rest assured that you have a mental first-aid kit of activities that will help you get the rest that you need in order to stay fresh and have the necessary energy for the next day.

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This was Sleeping Night! See you in the second part of the “How to Solve Common Sleeping Problems” where we will take into consideration other element that might affect our sleep cycle and suggest solution in order to minimize them or even avoid them when possible😊.


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