The Positive Effect of Sport on Sleep

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How Does Sport Affect our Sleep?


No one can deny the fact that sport comes with a great number of advantages for the mind and body. Not only this is a piece of information that is commonly shared between individuals and societies as a whole to the point that it almost became a conventional norm in a lot of countries, but it is something that is increasingly becoming popular and illustrated by a lot of people sportsmen.

Still, although a lot of people practice sport, it seems fair to note as well that a lot of people don’t as well. This is can be seen in the number of people who are suffering from health problems related to a lack of physical activity such as: obesity for instance.

But obesity is not the only problem that may result because of a lack of physical activity. In fact, certain sleeping disorders result from a lack of physical activity, and what is even worse is that if not treated soon enough, those sleeping disorders may cause other mental problems that can really be disturbing.

Hi, and welcome back to Sleeping Night. In today’s article we will discuss the positive effects of practicing sport on sleep, and how can sport help you in having long refreshing sleep cycles. But before going further, here’s a quick note for our dear visitors to follow us on our social media pages. Sleeping Night is a dedicated platform which is present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to assist you and help you sleep better and longer. The Sleeping Night team thrives to bring you the best content, so that you can stay informed and educated about anything that is related to sleep.

With that being said, let’s start with the first point:

1. Movability

One of the best things our sport as far as sleep is concerned is the fact that it keeps you in shape. This does not only mean that you’ll have an amazing body that reflects your level of perseverance and dedication to become a better person, but it also allows you to sleep better since you’ll have a body volume that you can fully control.

When there is a lack of activity, the human body often gets into a constant state of relaxation. This means that as long as you consume food, and your metabolism is not burning those calories, your body will turn it into fat, and this may turn into something disturbing since the longer you accumulate fat, the harder it is to burn it.

What is even worse is the fact that the accumulated fat will lower your movability. This is one of the things that obese people suffer from during the day, while trying to move from one place to another, and at night, while trying to sleep, especially since accumulated fat makes it harder to change sides in bed.

This is why it is of great importance to practice sports regularly in order to enjoy a full night refreshing sleep. In this case, sport applies some sort of a Domino effect that triggers a cycle. This means that when you practice sports, you will start losing fat and you will get tired as well. Then, when you are tired, you will crave a good night sleep, which once you get it, you will be energized for the next sport session, which in turn keeps the cycle going.

More importantly, sport will keep your body in an active state. This means that once you fall asleep, even when you are unconscious, you will not face any problems in changing sides or in moving your body when you are in a disturbing position.

The greatest part of all is that you won’t risk putting pressure on your heart or any other organ since you will have a light body that can be easily moved if you ever felt that you are putting pressure on an organ. This might seem as a scenario that might never happen, but unfortunately the probabilities get higher when a particular individual is obese and tired. This pushes the body to get into a state of short hibernation when even the body’s small signal cannot push the body to change the position in order to remove that pressure from a particular organ.

2. Mood

Mood is one of the pillars that determine your sleep quality. When someone is in a good and stable mood, they are more likely to fall asleep faster and enjoy a good night’s sleep than someone who is not in a good mood.

Those who go to bed while being sad, depressed, or angry, can take hours and hours to fall asleep. This is mostly because their brain is still in an active state because of overthinking. This is why it is important to practice some sport before going to bed in order to crave some sleep and push your brain to hibernate for a little bit.

More importantly, it has been scientifically proven that practicing sport lifts your mood and makes you more fulfilled. This is mostly because when you practice sport, your brain will count the state of activity as an achievement, and thus, it will release some happiness hormones inside your blood that will make you feel better.

So, if you are suffering from a sleeping disorder because of your daily mood or because you keep overthinking things at night, then practicing sport might be the solution that you are looking for.

3. Tiredness

Sometimes, the only problem why you cannot sleep at night is because you are already resting and sleeping more than you should be. In other words, you need to get into a state of activity in order to get back to the state of relaxation and sleep as a result. Our body works in terms of cycles. In simple words, just like you cannot stay in a permanent state of activity, you cannot stay in a permanent state of relaxation as well.

This can be clearly noticed when you sleep more than your body needs. When you sleep over 9 or 10 hours per day, you’ll start noticing some light headaches that fades after you wake up and get active. Thus, it is important to maintain your activity/relaxation balance in order to feel well, and most importantly, sleep at night.

Sport allows your body into that state of activity in a faster and more efficient way. And the harder and longer your sport sessions are, the more tired you will get, and the more you’ll crave night sleep and enjoy it once you get it.

So, make sure to schedule sport sessions during the day. You are not obliged to practice sports every single day. You just need to change your routines from passive ones to active ones in order to create the sleep cycle that you desire.


From what we have mentioned above, we can proudly state that sport not only helps you get in a good shape and maintain it, but it also allows you to savor night sleep as if you’re having an amazing meal in a five stars restaurant. With all the technological advancement and the time that we spend with our heads stuck to the screens, getting some sport time became a harder task than ever before. But having a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to live on the expense of your health. So, make sure to practice some sport every now and then in order to enjoy some night sleep and stay energized for the upcoming tasks of the days to come.

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